Spa Water


Have you ever gone to the spa and seen the beautiful glass jug filled with mint, cucumbers, and various other fruits? It not only looks beautiful, but I swear it tastes better than any water I’ve ever had! 

So I decided to make it myself, a little D-I-Y project.

I hosted a girls night at my house last week, and decided this would be the perfect addition. I used a glass water dispenser we received as a wedding gift, thank you Sherry! 

I filled the dispenser 3/4 of the way with cold water.

We sliced our clean cucumber very thin, and added them to the water. 

We then bruised the clean mint leaves to extract more flavor, and added them to the water as well. 

* Remember to always wash your vegetables and herbs before using them. 

Wait approximately 30 minutes for the flavors to meld together, and then enjoy!

The water tasted amazing! I think I might make this weekly.

The girls at my party were so impressed with how simple the recipe was, but how sophisticated it looked. I can’t wait to see how they create their own recipes for infused water. 

You could also do this same set up with lemon and lavender, or rosemary and mint, or raspberries. There are endless possibilities! 

Comment below with your favorite infused water.