Benefits of Foam Rolling

Benefits of Foam Rolling | Lean and Green Body® Blog

By now I am sure that you all have heard about foam rolling? It became increasingly popular about five years ago, and has grown a serious following.

What does foam rolling really do? 

Is it beneficial to foam roll? 

Who should foam roll? 

Do you foam roll before or after your workout?

Let’s dive in and check it out!

Foam rolling helps to lengthen out the connective tissue over the muscles, called fascia. In time, it can actually help to lengthen out not only the fascia, but the muscles as well. Think longer, leaner muscles. 

It is so beneficial to foam roll! Foam rolling helps to breaks up knots, tension and discomfort in the body. 

We are extremely tough on our bodies, whether it be a grueling workout or hunched over a desk all day. We are beating our bodies up on the daily. 

Think of foam rolling as a deep tissue massage… for a fraction of the price!

I would recommend stretching and foam rolling after your workout. This can help the body recover faster, and prevent unnecessary muscle soreness or cramping. 

Ideally we should all be foam rolling everyday, even 5 minutes a day can help!

Foam rolling has also been shown to decrease stress, prevent injury, break up scar tissue from previous injuries, improves flexibility and mobility, and increase blood circulation. 

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