Back to School Lunch Ideas

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It’s that time of year again!! Summer has come to a close and the kids are back in school.

That means that it’s time to step up your school lunch game! No use in packing the same old boring sandwich everyday. Fuel your babies lunch with nutritious and fun foods they will be excited to eat!

Here are my favorite lunch box additions!

Mary’s Gone Crackers

Full of flavor, and come in a variety of flavor options. These super clean crackers are packed with fiber and protein to keep you child full longer.

Raspberries with mini chocolate kisses

Add mini chocolate kisses inside of fresh raspberries for a fun snack option!

Turkey Rolls

Take turkey slices and place thin slivers of avocado inside. Roll the turkey around the avocado for a fun snack!

Chia Seed Pudding

This fun treat is packed with protein and fiber, and will be a great addition to any lunch or after school snack. Check out the full recipe HERE


Kale Chips

These crunchy chips will pair perfect with your child’s lunch! There are so many great ways to spice these chips up or sweeten them for a healthy chip everyone will love. Check out the full recipe HERE