30-Minute Upper Body Workout

30-Minute Upper Body Workout | Lean and Green Body® Blog

10 Hammer (biceps) Curls - repeat on both sides

15 Tricep Presses

10 Shoulder Presses (seated)

10 Static Hold Biceps

15 Pushups

10 Lateral Arm Raises (thumbs up towards sky)

50 Punches (keep shoulder, elbow and wrist in same plane)

Repeat each exercise 3 times.


This is an efficient and effective upper body workout, sure to create results. 

You will not need to use as much weight as you typically would since we are super setting the workout. 


*When completing these exercises be sure to bend knees slightly when standing and engage your core to support the lower back. Each exercise should be completed slowly and mindfully, without swinging the weights or relying on momentum.