Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen

Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen

It is officially spring!

Spring is a time of new beginnings. Getting rid of the old and beginning fresh.

The start of spring is often associated with cleaning out.

Let’s begin this season by cleaning up our diets.

This is an opportunity to start fresh, to let go of bad habits and create new healthier routines.

Begin by cleaning out your pantry and fridge. Throw out anything that is expired. Then begin throwing out anything that you do not eat, or have not eaten in the last month. 

Next, get rid of any food that does not make you feel good. Food should make us feel satisfied, happy, and fueled. It should not make us feel bloated, gassy, or cause any ill side effects. Let any and all of these foods go. 

Examine your pantry for a moment. Look at what foods are in boxes and bags..prepackaged goodies. Think about how long these have been sitting on your shelf. How long were they sitting in the grocery store before you brought them home? Prepackaged foods can last a long time due to the chemicals and preservatives in them. Now think about how long it will take your body to break down these foods, and then decide what you can get rid of. 

Now take a look at what is left in your pantry and your fridge. 

This is a fresh start. A chance to start new, and fuel your body with wholesome, nutrient-dense foods. 

Go for fresh, raw foods that will truly nourish your body. 

After you have discarded and donated everything you no longer need it is time to stock up!

Consider filling your kitchen with fresh fruits and vegetables, cage-free eggs, wild caught protein, whole grains, beans, nuts, and seeds. Build meals and snacks from here. 

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