Be a More Successful Morning Person

I have always been a morning person, and often start my day at 5:30a. I love being up before the city wakes up. I feel that this is my time, and sometimes to be honest it is the only “me time” I get during the day. I cherish this time. I wake up..and make sure to get up the first time my alarm goes off. Yes...there are the occasional days that I snooze...I am human. Typically, I get right out bed and head to the kitchen. I prep my Triple Play  and make a cup of tea. Right now I am loving Harney and Son’s Winter White Earl Grey. 


While I am drinking my tea I like to take a few moments and set my intention for the day.  What is it that I am looking to accomplish today? Where is my energy? What kind of mood am I in? I set an intention first thing in the morning so that when I get super busy and perhaps off track I can bring myself back to the intention. Back to a place of calm, and back to what is important today.


I then look at my schedule for the day...and if I have not done so already...I prioritize my day. I love I use a variety of highlighters to signify what is of highest priority today and go down the list from there. What has to be done today...and what can wait until tomorrow or this weekend? 


Meal prep! I can not stress this enough. As a Mind Body Wellness Practitioner and Holistic Nutrition Specialist I can not stress how important it is to plan your meals and snacks the night before. Often times we get so busy in the morning that we forget or do not allot ourselves enough time to pack a healthy lunch or even grab a snack. I have fallen prey to this a few times myself because we get so focused on what we are doing in the moment, we forget to plan ahead. By packing your lunch and laying out snacks ahead of time you are saving yourself the stress of trying to find something healthy during the workday. 


The last thing I do before I leave my house in the morning is clean my space. I make sure my bed is made, and the dishes are put away. By taking five minutes to do this in the morning I save myself the stress of coming home to a dirty home. I thrive in a clean space. Small messes tend to turn into bigger messes and get pushed aside because no one wants to take time the handle the now big messes. By taking five minutes in the morning to do a quick check and clean up, I save myself the extra stress when I come home.



Here is a list of the 6 tools to make you a more successful morning person:

  1. Do not hit the snooze button.
  2. Tripe Play every day.
  3. Set your intention.
  4. Prioritize.
  5. Meal and snack plan.
  6. Clean your space.