Favorite Pasta Substitutes

As a former carb-oholic, I love my pasta! However now as a holistic nutrition specialist and a wellness professional, I am too educated to eat plain pasta. (plus I’m gluten-free) I understand that most traditional pasta is made with enriched flour and is highly processed and full of additives. Simple is always best. 

For all my pasta and carb loving friends out there, here are a few of my favorite pasta substitutes that your body will thank you for!


Trader Joe’s Red Lentil Pasta


The only ingredient in this pasta is lentils… simple and amazing!

This pasta will not spike your blood sugar levels like many traditional white pastas do, and is full of fiber!


Trader Joe’s Black Bean Pasta



The only ingredient in this pasta is organic black bean flour… again so simple!

This pasta contains protein and is packed with fiber.  


Zucchini Noodles


The only ingredient in this pasta is raw vegetables! 

This is a great substitute if you are looking to cut back on traditional carbohydrates and increase your intake of vegetables.

You can hide these noodles under a yummy red sauce or even a pesto sauce for family in your life who may be skeptical about the new zoodles. 


All three of these pasta substitutes are naturally gluten-free, and have even passed the taste test for my gluten loving friends!

What are some of your favorite pasta substitutes?