Setting yourself up for a successful day


Take time each morning for YOU. 

I like to start each day early…before my family is awake. Taking this special time for just me.

I try to start the day calm & relaxed - manifesting a great day ahead!

Set your intentions for the day. 

Perhaps journal or meditate. 

For more info on meditation, check out my blog post here.

Think about what you are going to achieve that day… not in an overwhelming manner…but instead with a “yes, I’ve got this” attitude.

Think about each day being the best day of the week!

I like to make a cup of tea and then head into my home office. I light a candle or incense, and typically read a passage from Journey to the Heart, and then journal whatever comes to mind. This allows me to get any ‘stuck’ ideas out of my mind, and allows me to be open for a positive day ahead. 

Instead of getting stressed about the day, I am calm and collected. I start my day off with a meditation and quiet time, and if my day begins to get off track I bring myself back to this moment. 

How do you start your day?


Take Time For YOU

Take Time For YOU | Lean and Green Body Blog

The holidays can be a hectic time. Full of expectations, juggling daily life, holiday parties, and all the things that come with this season. This is said to be one of the most stressful times of the year…and yet it is also the happiest time of the year.

How can you juggle everything, find your balance and spread holiday cheer?

Take time for YOU!

We cannot take care of others, unless we are taking care of ourselves. 

You cannot serve from an empty cup.

Take 20 minutes per day just for you. I’m not talking about working out, power yoga or  answering emails with a glass of wine. 

Find 20 minutes in your day for you. Our workouts and workaholic lifestyle has become a daily part of our life. At some point, we need time to unwind and relax.

When are you the most relaxed?

What are you doing? What does it smell like? What is the lighting like?

Find time to create these moments everyday. 

Perhaps, you enjoy reading with soothing lighting and a vanilla candle. Perfect!

Or you enjoy the beach, sitting there as the sunrises, smelling the salty air. Great!

Or perhaps you enjoy sitting by the fire and just breathing, the smell of the wood burning and the feeling of your stress melting away. Wonderful!

Take Time For YOU | Lean and Green Body Blog

Think about what relaxes you. Choose to make yourself a priority this holiday season. 

Benefits of Meditation

Benefits of Meditation | Lean and Green Body Blog

Meditation has endless benefits for our mind and body.

15 reasons why you should add meditation to your daily routine:

Reduce stress

Improve concentration

Encourages a healthy lifestyle

Slows aging process

Boost immunity

Reduce depression

Reduce anxiety

Increase self-esteem

Increase optimism and awareness

Improves mood

Increases memory

Increases cognitive skills and decision making

Helps one process information and ignore distractions (excellent for those with ADHD)

Decrease blood pressure

Increases energy


Creating a meditation practice can be intimidating at first, but it does not have to be. 

Start with just 5 minutes per day. 

Increase by 1 minute per week until you reach 20 minutes. 

Meditating for 20 minutes per day will change your life. 


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