Delicious Raw Lean Reset Review


If you know me personally, you know I LOVE a good detox! Honestly, nothing makes me feel better than cleansing my body inside and out. I recently had the pleasure of testing out the Delicious Raw Lean Reset. I chose to complete the 3 day option, which was a mix of fresh pressed juices, kale slaw and spinach salads. (The Lean Reset also comes in a 2 day option.)


I’ve done several detoxes and cleanses in the past and I am well aware of the easing in and easing out process. If you are unfamiliar with how to begin a detox, what to expect, or how to ease out of a detox, check out my book, Revitalize & Renew: 7 Days to a Healthier You!

I absolutely loved this detox! The juices were amazing, the kale slaw around lunch time was very satisfying, and the spinach salad at night was huge! I wasn’t sure I would be able to finish all the food and juice in one day. The first day was the toughest, mainly due to the lack of caffeine, and the adjustment to mostly liquid nutrients. By the second day I was vibrant, energized and ready for more! By the end of the reset I noticed clearer skin, more energy, and less bloating… my body felt amazing.

I am already looking forward to my next Lean Rest … who’s with me?

10 Day Detox Follow Up

10 Day Detox Follow Up | Lean and Green Body® Blog

We did it!! My husband and I just completed our first 10 day detox together!

Our bodies have been free of gluten, dairy, alcohol and meat for 10 days!

This is a huge accomplishment and I am so proud of my husband for completing the detox with me. 

This was his first official detox, and I am impressed that he completed all 10 days. 

The verdict: we feel amazing!

We have so much energy. My productivity has been expanded ten fold. I have found this sense of clarity and the afternoon brain fog has dissipated for both of us.

My skin is glowing and clear, the whites of our eyes are crisp, and any belly bloat is gone. 

As many of you know, I love detoxing. I plan to detox at least four times a year, in addition to a 24 hour detox every month. My first published book on detoxing, Revitalize and Renew was released earlier this year, you can check it out here.

I am so passionate about detoxing because it is a time to reconnect to my roots. We can focus on food purely as fuel for our bodies. It’s a time to simplify and get back to basics, all we need is real food.

For this detox my husband and I sustained ourselves on real whole foods, fruits, vegetables, legumes, and teas. Our goal was to drink 90 oz of plain water per day, in addition to nettle leaf tea, dandelion root tea, and our daily coffee or black tea. We ate tons of raw greens, sweet potatoes, black beans, and delicious smoothies. I honestly did not feel deprived. I felt satiated. There was a connection to the food that we ate, and I enjoyed the time we spent together cooking and dining. 

Many of my clients worry that they will feel a lack of energy and become hangry during a detox… we experienced the opposite. We had loads of energy and laughed more than we have in weeks. We had fun with the detoxing process. I highly recommend detoxing with your partner, it allows you both to grow and bond together.

Moving forward, I have chosen to limit meat in my diet to maybe 1-2 days per week. I am flexible with myself and do not want to put any labels or firm restrictions on my dietary habits at this time, but right now this is my plan. Ricky on the other hand is looking forward to adding organic healthy chicken and fish back into his diet. He is someone who craves meat, and has been a good sport for the past 10 days.

Our household is already gluten free, due to my allergies, and previously we aimed to limit dairy. After completing the detox, I believe we will both eliminate dairy from our diets, it simply does not make us feel good and is really pro-inflammatory and unhealthy for our bodies.

As we begin to ease out of our detox, we will add alcohol back in sparingly. We plan to limit drinking to two days per week, taking into consideration parties and events. We have made the decision to extend the alcohol-free portion of our detox to about 14 days, and to make a regular habit of detoxing our bodies. 

We will both be more aware of how we are fueling our bodies, and more in tune with what makes us feel good. 

This detox was never about losing weight or a quick fix, it was always about tuning in and listening to our bodies. Our bodies are so smart, if we just listen they will tell us what they need.

For more information about detoxing contact Jennifer at

August 8 10 day detox

2017-12-15 14.32.56.jpg

We are taking the plunge! We are starting our first family detox!

After several nights out, fatigue, brain fog and too much stress, we determined that it was time to commit. 

  • We have decided to write our own rules for our 10 day real food detox, not surprising I’m sure to anyone who knows me personally. 
  • We will be eliminating gluten (as always), dairy, alcohol, added sugar and meat. 
  • We will be consciously limiting coffee, but will not be eliminating it entirely for the 10 days because well… sanity. 
  • We will be consuming a plant based diet, packed with protein, fiber, healthy fats and greens.
  • We will be increasing our water intake will aid in flushing out our systems and rehydrating our bodies.
  • We will be supplementing with green drinks and herbal teas.

My favorite teas while detoxing are YOGI Peach Detox Tea, Parsley Tea, and Nettle Leaf Tea. All three have amazing healing and cleansing properties. 

Our goal from this cleanse is to come out with a deeper appreciation for how we fuel our bodies. We want to feel re-energized, refreshed and renewed. We are looking to eliminate fatigue, brain fog, toxic foods and stress; all of which take a serious toll on our bodies. 

For tips on how to detox at home check out my latest book Revitalize & Renew available now!

Detox with Jennifer!

Detox with Jennifer

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Revitalize & Renew: Book Launch Party!

Revitalize & Renew Book Launch Party | Lean and Green Body Blog

Join Lean and Green Body®'s Jennifer Khosla for the launch of her debut book, Revitalize & Renew: 7 Days to a Healthier You!

WHAT: Revitalize & Renew Book Launch Party.  Open wine bar, live music by DJ Memphis, book discussion, book signing

WHEN: Friday, February 9th, 6:00-8:00 PM

WHERE: Delicious Raw - Pavilion.  8925 Tamiami Trail N, Naples, FL

Naturally Detoxifying Foods

Naturally Detoxifying Foods | Lean and Green Body Blog

Broccoli: A strong detoxifier, broccoli neutralizes and eliminates toxins while also delivering a healthy dose of vitamins.

Cauliflower: This antioxidant rich cruciferous veggie aids in your body’s natural detoxification system and reduces inflammation.

Turnip Greens: A potent detoxifier, this cruciferous veggie also has been found to help prevent many types of cancer and is a great for reducing inflammation.

Lentils: This fiber-rich legume aids in elimination, helps lower cholesterol, balances blood sugar and even increases your energy.

Grapefruit: This fiber-rich, sweet and tangy fruit helps lower cholesterol, prevent kidney stones and aids the digestive system.

Naturally Detoxifying Foods | Lean and Green Body Blog

Cucumber: Nutrient-dense cucumbers, which are 95% water, help flush out toxins and alkalize the body.

Steel Cut Oats: High in both soluble and insoluble fiber, oats will keep you satiated and keep your digestive system moving.

Sunflower Seeds:  High in selenium and vitamin E, sunflower seeds aid the liver’s ability to detox. They also help prevent cholesterol build up in the blood and arteries.

Hemp Seeds: These tiny nutritional powerhouses are an excellent source of omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, are an easily digestible plant based protein, have a strong anti-inflammatory effect and also aid in elimination.


Jennifer Khosla

Founder, Lean and Green Body.  Mind Body Wellness Practitioner, Holistic Nutrition Specialist and Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher; Jennifer Khosla received her B.S. in Athletic Training from Springfield College. She later went on to study clinical dietetics, holistic nutrition and modalities to heal the body naturally through nutrition and lifestyle.