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Lean and Green Body® is not just a fitness studio. We are a Total Mind, Body and Soul Wellness Brand. We specialize in holistic nutrition & wellness, yoga and personal training. 

Our team looks to heal and strengthen the body. Jennifer, the founder and owner of Lean and Green Body®, LLC has a degree in sports medicine and specializes in diagnosing, treating, preventing and rehabbing injuries in the athletic population. Lean and Green Body® has three functional certified personal trainers on staff with a multitude of specialties and experience. Our trainers can help you reach your goals, whether you are looking to heal and rehabilitate an injury, lose weight, tone your body, or prepare for your sport season. Our trainers have worked at the high school level, collegiate level, and with our United States military training them to be their best. Even with all this experience and focus on the physical body, we are much more than a fitness studio.

Lean and Green Body® has three yoga teachers on staff with a passion for helping you deepen your yoga practice. All three yoga teachers specialize in vinyasa yoga, aiding you in connecting breath to movement. Lean and Green Body® offers private sessions at the studio or your home. We offer weekly yoga classes at our 5th Ave S studio in downtown Naples Florida, all levels welcome.

One of Lean and Green Body®’s most unique and specialized areas of expertise is Holistic Nutrition. Our founder, Jennifer is not only a Mind Body Wellness Practitioner, but is also a Holistic Nutrition Specialist. After going to graduate school for clinical dietetics, Jennifer realized that working in a hospital and pumping patients full of medicine was not how she wanted to approach healing. Jennifer found that holistic nutrition allows us to heal the body naturally through food, herbs, and lifestyle. We are able to look at the entire body, and treat it as a whole instead of one aliment at a time. We are able to treat underlying issues such as food allergies, intolerances, autoimmune conditions, diabetes, cholesterol, and weight management.

Lean and Green Body® stands out because of our team’s ability to see the whole person, identify what each client specifically needs, and create a customized plan. The Lean and Green Body® team is comprised of educated and licensed yoga teachers, certified trainers, and holistic nutrition specialists.  No one on our team took a weekend course and read a book to get where they are. Each member of the Lean and Green Body® team has a passion and a drive to do what they do, and  they continue learning and educating themselves, constantly pushing themselves to be the best they can be, and to offer the best to their clients.