Abs Made In The Kitchen

Abs Made In The Kitchen | Lean and Green Body Blog

Ditch the sugar. Fighting belly fat is about 85 percent diet, watch your sugar and carbohydrate intake.

Up your vitamin C. Vitamin C helps to combat cortisol spikes; cortisol will contribute to extra fat and weight in your midsection when stressed. 

Drink lots and lots of water. Drink a minimum of eight 8 oz glasses of pure water per day. Be sure to add an extra 8 oz of water for every cup of coffee, tea or wine!

Do not drink your calories. A glass of red wine can be healthy, but always remember moderation.

Choose good fats. Olive oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil, avocados, coconut oil, nuts (almonds, macadamia nuts, hazelnuts, pecans, cashews, peanuts), seeds (sunflower, sesame, pumpkin, flaxseed), fatty fish (salmon and tuna).

Work in different types of exercise. Crunches alone won't get you flat abs. You have to have an exercise program that targets multiple muscle groups at a time and gets your heart rate up (think cardio).

Eat as many vegetables as you can stand. Preferably raw.

Limit your ‘cheat treats’, remember the 80/20 rule. You do not have to be perfect. You have room for 20% play (cheat treats) in your diet....think before you eat.


Jennifer Khosla

Founder, Lean and Green Body.  Mind Body Wellness Practitioner, Holistic Nutrition Specialist and Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher; Jennifer Khosla received her B.S. in Athletic Training from Springfield College. She later went on to study clinical dietetics, holistic nutrition and modalities to heal the body naturally through nutrition and lifestyle.