Lean and Green Body® 4-Year Anniversary

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August 15, 2015 I officially launched Lean and Green Body®, and it has grown immensely in the past four years.

As we embark on our 5th year I’d love to share some thoughts with you on entrepreneurship and creating your dream business.

*You’ll work harder and longer hours than you ever thought possible.

*You’ll fall so in love with your work, that the weeks and months will literally fly by.

*You will begin to understand that you and your brand are not everyone’s cup of tea - and that’s okay!

*You will love your brand and your business so much more than you ever thought possible.

*You will have to sacrifice - nights out with friends, vacations, and sleep in order to create your dream.

*You will have to keep your vision alive even when it gets hazy and no one else can really see what you are creating … keep going.

*You will have to stay true to your vision, do not be influenced by what everyone else is doing - YOU DO YOU - follow your dream.

*People will try to compete with you, and steal your thunder. Just understand that even though they appear to be hating you and your brand, they are really just taking notes.

*Some days are going to be really long, and you will wonder how on earth you will ever accomplish everything on your list … breathe, you will get it all done.

*Some days will bring you to tears - whether it’s through a setback, a client/customer, or a missed deadline. Take a moment, let out the frustration and the tears, and then get right back to it.

*You will not be able to do it alone. Read that again. Delegate, and hire an incredible team that will have your back.

*Create a workspace that inspires you.

*It may look like you are changing direction, but you are really just pivoting and expanding your market and your potential.

*You are choosing to work 80 hours a week, just so you do not have to work the typical 40 hours per week

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Here a few of things I have accomplished so far with Lean and Green Body®

  • Trademarked Lean and Green Body®

  • Wrote and published my first book Revitalize & Renew: 7 Days to a Healthier You

  • Completed a book tour - that I set up and arranged all by myself

  • Created a custom clothing line - available on our website

  • Created the Mindful Movement Studio - an online studio membership page where you can log in, take yoga classes, and listen to guided meditations from anywhere in the world!

  • Became a Blue Zones Partner

  • Hosted hundreds of free nutrition seminars, yoga classes, and beach booty camps

  • Became a standup paddle board athlete - and was sponsored by Mini Cooper

  • Launching fitness classes on the Mindful Movement Studio soon!

  • Hosting my first yoga retreat in less than two months

  • Won Top 40 under 40 for all of SWFL - by the Naples Herald

  • Was featured in dozens of magazines and newspapers all over Southwest Florida - even made it on two covers!

  • Became a member of the Board of Directors for the International Sports Science Association (ISSA) the leading personal training certification worldwide

This has been the most incredible four years of my life. It has been way more work than I ever expected, but I have also found so much freedom and joy in creating this brand. This is only the beginning for Lean and Green Body® and I can not wait for whats next!