Something NEW at the Mindful Movement Studio

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The kids are settled in at school, the summer air has begun to fade leading way to cooler fall temperatures. The time has finally come for you to take time for yourself, even if it’s only 20 minutes per day.

We all have the same 24 hours in the day, and as the years pass our schedules seem to only get more crowded and congested. Running from place to place, over-scheduling ourselves, and yet trying to give to everyone … but ourselves.

Now is your time.

The Mindful Movement Studio has everything you need for your body & mind.

With yoga classes from 20-60 minutes, and a variety of styles, guided meditations to relax the body and calm the mind: these classes are available anytime of day, any where you are in the world.

On YOUR schedule.

We know how precious your time is, and we understand how difficult it can be to make it to your favorite class some days.

We’ve got you covered!

Launching later this Fall - Fitness Classes!!

These fitness classes range from 15-30 minutes in length, and include full body workouts, upper and lower body workouts, cardio bursts, and core specific workouts!

All classes require minimal (if any) equipment and can be done at your home or even in your hotel room when you travel.

The Mindful Movement Studio is compatible with all devices, and only requires WiFi.

What are you waiting for? #JointheMovement today!