Set Yourself Up for a Productive Week Ahead


Sunday is probably my favorite day of the week. For me it’s a time to clear out the previous week, and start fresh. I love starting the week with a clear desk and an organized plan for the week.

I start by clearing off any unnecessary items (distractions) from my desk. Mess and clutter honestly stress me out.

Once my space is clear, I go through my planner (yes, I’m old school and love my paper planner) and make sure all my appointments are scheduled for the week. This allows me a clear vision of what each day will look like, it allows me time to mentally plan and prepare.

I then take tiny post it notes, and schedule out my social media posts for the week. Although it may seem time consuming (one week only takes me about 20 minutes), it saves so much time daily when trying to decide what to post.

Once my office is clean and organized for the week, and Monday’s charts pulled and ready, I move on to the rest of the house. We *try* to always keep our house clean and ready for guests, but Sundays allow for a deeper clean.

This whole process only takes me less than two hours and leaves me feeling fresh and ready for the week. There is nothing worse than waking up on a Monday morning stressed, with a messy house/office, and unsure of what the day holds.

For those of you who have an office outside of the home, you can follow the same in-office routine on a Friday afternoon before you leave for the weekend.