Morning Mayhem

It’s Monday morning … you have a few minutes of solitude before the mayhem sets in.

Savor every second.

Within minutes it starts:

You desperately try to wake your kids up and get them ready for school or the sitter.

Make yourself and your entire family a healthy breakfast.

Iron your clothes, heck who has time to iron in the morning??

Pack lunches.

Hustle everyone into the car and drop off on time, so that you can still make your morning meetings.

Only to arrive to work in a frazzled mess with drips of coffee on your blouse. WTH. Hello Monday…

There has to be a way to simplify this routine, right?

There is no way that you can continue this morning routine.

Luckily you don’t have to!

Here are a few simple tips to make your mornings, especially Monday’s, go much smoother.

Morning Mayhem | Lean and Green Body® Blog

Pack everyone’s lunch the night before… including yours.

This ensures that you are making healthy choices for everyone because you are not rushing or desperate.

I find the easiest way to do this is to pack and prepare lunches when you are cooking dinner. Food is already out, and there is likely already a mess happening in the kitchen.

Packing leftovers is a great way decrease food waste and stress.


Go easy with breakfast. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, but let’s not complicate it.

Think simple.

Make everyone a smoothie…chocolate peanut butter anyone?

Or make a big pan of scrambled eggs or pre-make hardboiled eggs the night before.

Everyone in your family (perhaps excluding the baby) can have the same base for breakfast and make their own adjustments or add-on’s as needed.

This will clear up some extra time for you in the morning.

Play some upbeat music in the morning, nothing too crazy, but enough to draw your family out of bed. If you pick the right playlist you can actually set everyone in a great mood before they even leave the house. This will start everyone off on the right foot, and hopefully their positive energy will be contagious. My favorite morning playlist on Spotify is ‘Have a Great Day!’

If your job or lifestyle requires you to iron your clothes… I’m sorry, pick a new job… just kidding! If you do need to iron try to pick one day a week to iron, maybe throw on your favorite tv show and iron enough blouses or outfits for the entire week. This will make it much easier for you in the morning.


Lastly, wake up 30 minutes before everyone else in your house… and savor these quiet moments for you. If you are a Mom these may be the only quiet moments you get. You can use this time however you like, although I suggest a brief meditation practice, journaling or intention setting, or simply just allow yourself to sit there and sip your tea.

Mornings don’t have to be so chaotic.

How do you like to start your week? Comment below!