Happiness is not found in what we have. Happiness comes from who we are, how we build our lives, and who we surround ourselves with. 

Take a few moments to think of what makes your truly happy. 

What are your happiness moments of the day or week?

For me it’s the 30 or 60 minutes on my yoga mat, my time just for me to tune in and connect.

It’s watching my husband walk in the door after a long day of work or his comforting embrace after a big meeting.

Family, and friends whom I consider family, are what matter. 

It’s knowing that even if we had lost everything in Hurricane Irma, I would still have everything that matters most. 

Happiness does not come from what we have, happiness is what is already inside of us. 

When life and stress steps in and starts to overwhelm you, pause and reconnect to these happy moments. These are the small daily moments in life that we often overlook. 

Sometimes all it takes is one small happy moment to change the whole course of your day. 

Be Happy! xx