Big Announcement!

Live Stream Classes | Lean and Green Body®

The past few months have been very busy at Lean and Green Body®. 

November 2017, we signed a lease for our new studio location on 5th Ave S in downtown Naples.

February 1, 2018, Jennifer’s first book, Revitalize & Renew was published. It is currently available in our studio, on our website, on Amazon.…and local retailers coming soon!

Now we are so excited to reveal our next launch!

LIVE stream classes!

Simply login and join us for LIVE yoga classes and LIVE workouts. 

We are excited to be one of the first in Florida offering classes this way.

I personally love to travel, and am always disappointed when I know I will miss my favorite classes. Now you won’t have to! You can log in and join from anywhere! 

Too nervous to go to your first yoga class, or perhaps the hot and sweaty studio is not your thing? No problem! 

Prefer to workout at home, and avoid the craziness of the gym? No problem!

Now you can have your own yoga instructor and personal trainer from the comfort of your home, hotel, or anywhere you go!

When you log in, you will join a LIVE class.  You will only see the instructor, and the instructor will be able to see everyone in the class.

How is this different than taking an online class from an instructor or popping in a workout DVD? The class is LIVE. Which means your instructor will be able to check your form (major plus!!), motivate you, and push you to do your best every step of the way! This is a much more personal experience, than just pushing play on a DVD. 

You can sign up for classes by clicking here.

Classes begin March 28th!

60 minute classes = $10

For more updated live stream classes and events, be sure to check our Schedule page.