The secret to having a flat stomach

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One of the best ways to lose belly fat is to strengthen your core. The first step to having a strong core is good posture. Proper posture allows all of the muscles, not only in the front and back of the core, but the entire body to work together in all planes of motion. Correct posture and form helps to keep muscles at their proper length, allowing them to work together and reduce risk of injury.  Good form and alignment will help you achieve results much faster. A strong core and good posture helps your body maintain a good form while performing exercises. 

The secret to having the flat stomach you are looking for is combining cardio exercise with abdominal strengthening exercises. This will speed up your metabolism and burn more calories and fat. 

Reduce your belly fat with this workout:

1.       Jog in place for 60 seconds

2.       Lunge with twist for 30 seconds

3.       Squat jump for 30 seconds

4.       30 second plank follow by 30 second mountain climber

5.       Superman back extension for 30 seconds

6.       30 seconds of burpees

7.       30 second side plank (each side)

8.       60 second run in place

Take a 20 second rest in between each exercise

Take a 60 second rest between each set.

Perform 3 sets of this routine 4 times per week for 1 month

Let us know your results!


Wisner Anesca

Wisner Anesca (Wes) joined our Lean and Green Body team in early 2016. Since joining our team, he has become an essential part of our success. Wisner has been in the fitness industry since 2006 and is passionate about personal training. His passions shows through his training techniques and with the success of his clients. Wisner is a Certified Personal Trainer, through National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), one of the top certifying boards for personal training. 

Wisner is a stickler for technique and form. He believes in functional movement and does most of his training with body weight or free weights. His goal is to empower his clients and help them achieve a healthier, pain free, way of life. He has a strong background in TRX suspension, circuit, cardiovascular, strength, and functional training which will help you reach your fitness goals.