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Clean Eating | Lean and Green Body Blog

It’s not all about the macros. Recently everyone seems to be so focused on macronutrients, consuming enough protein in proportion to the amount of fat and carbohydrates. Paleo, macrobiotics, carbohydrate loading, gluten free, vegan... there are so many labels boxing us in to how we eat. Instead of boxing yourself into a label and a specific group - eat foods that fuel your body and nourish your soul. Eat in a way that honors where you are today, and where you would like to be in a week, a month, and in a year from now. What does that look like for you?

Our dietary focus needs to be on eating clean, eating in a way that honors our body and soul. We need to prioritize what’s important when it comes to our food. Understanding where our food comes from, and how it will work and digest in our bodies; these need to be our priorities. Clean eating simply means consuming whole unrefined foods in their natural state, with minimal processing and preservatives. Think potato instead of french fries, apple instead of apple pie... eating ingredients and foods in their natural state. With clean eating, we want to minimize or eliminate the use of preservatives.

How long will it take for that avocado to start rotting on your counter? In general, the faster a food begins to rot on your counter or in your fridge, the easier it will be for your body to break it down and digest it. I suggest consuming foods that are bioavailable, foods that our bodies can recognize, break down, and utilize.

Instead of attaching a label to your diet, eat in a way that honors your body. Every time you eat, think about fueling your body. What would be a better option for you? Which will sustain your energy? How will you feel an hour after eating? These are all things to consider when choosing foods. Eat foods that make you feel good, inside and out. Eat foods that increase your energy, making you feel vibrant and ready to take on the day.

Where do you begin? Start by eliminating all processed foods from your house. You are the gate keeper, it is your job to control what foods come in. Shop the perimeter of the grocery store where the fresh, whole, clean foods are. Begin to choose healthier options for you and your family.

Everyone’s dietary needs are slightly different depending on our current health status and our goals. Consider what your body requires today, and what it will need to help you meet your goals. Eating clean, whole foods, and eliminating processed and refined foods, will ultimately lead to a healthier and more vibrant you!

Clean Eating | Lean and Green Body Blog

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Jennifer Khosla

Founder, Lean and Green Body.  Mind Body Wellness Practitioner, Holistic Nutrition Specialist and Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher; Jennifer Khosla received her B.S. in Athletic Training from Springfield College. She later went on to study clinical dietetics, holistic nutrition and modalities to heal the body naturally through nutrition and lifestyle.