Benefits of Meditation

Benefits of Meditation | Lean and Green Body Blog

Meditation has endless benefits for our mind and body.

15 reasons why you should add meditation to your daily routine:

Reduce stress

Improve concentration

Encourages a healthy lifestyle

Slows aging process

Boost immunity

Reduce depression

Reduce anxiety

Increase self-esteem

Increase optimism and awareness

Improves mood

Increases memory

Increases cognitive skills and decision making

Helps one process information and ignore distractions (excellent for those with ADHD)

Decrease blood pressure

Increases energy


Creating a meditation practice can be intimidating at first, but it does not have to be. 

Start with just 5 minutes per day. 

Increase by 1 minute per week until you reach 20 minutes. 

Meditating for 20 minutes per day will change your life. 


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Jennifer Khosla

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