Healthy Eating Around the Holidays: Part 2

Healthy Eating Around the Holidays | Lean & Green Body

The holidays are upon us. Weeks are filled with Christmas parties, cookies, and champagne. Celebrations are in full swing! How can you possibly maintain your meal plan amongst this chaos? These are a few easy tricks to help you stay on track over the next few weeks. 

1- Eat a small healthy meal — grab a green juice or smoothie — before you go to cocktail hour. Curbing your hunger ahead of time will make the dozens of appetizers less appealing, and will help you to only take a small taste of the culinary delights, if you choose to do so.

2- Champagne is my drink of choice around the holidays. It’s so festive and celebratory! However, champagne like many cocktails can quickly become dehydrating. The trick is to have 1 full glass (8 oz) of water in between each alcoholic beverage. This will keep you hydrated, and help to prevent a hangover the next day.

3- Holiday dinners can be very daunting (we discussed a bit of this in my Part 1)... so set yourself up for success before you even leave the house. Drink 8-16 oz of water before you go to the dinner party, this will falsely fill your body up and ensure you do not over indulge at dinner. Often times hunger is confused with dehydration.

4- If you are hosting the cocktail hour or even a dinner party at your house choose healthy options! There are healthy spins on almost every traditional recipe. Check out our recipes from last week for some healthy alternatives.  We will be posting more healthy recipes as the holidays unfold!

5- Balance. The holidays are all about balance. It is so easy to get caught up in giving, that sometimes we forget to give to ourselves. Give yourself 30 minutes per day to unwind, rest and rejuvenate so that you may give yourself fully to your friends and family this holiday season.

Happy Holidays!! 


Jennifer Khosla

Founder, Lean and Green Body.  Mind Body Wellness Practitioner, Holistic Nutrition Specialist and Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher; Jennifer Khosla received her B.S. in Athletic Training from Springfield College. She later went on to study clinical dietetics, holistic nutrition and modalities to heal the body naturally through nutrition and lifestyle.